About Us

Old Oak Barrel

Old Oak Barrel is a small boutique producer of classic, solid wood furniture. All of our furniture is designed and made in our workshop in rural Bedfordshire using the best quality solid oak, pine, steel and cast iron.

First steps

Old Oak Barrel began creating in 2011. Supporting the process of upcycling, the company's first first range were coat racks created from white oak wood staves reclaimed from French wine barrels, a waste product from the winemaking industry.

We really did begin with old oak barrels!

Building the business

Over the subsequent years the business has grown, and we now make a range of furniture from our purpose built workshop in Bedfordshire.

Our commitment to quality at a fair price

From the early days, our approach to furniture making has not changed.

We will not compromise the quality of all our materials, or the quality of our construction and finishing.

We will not cut corners or be satisfied with selling "just ok" products.

We will always remain committed to producing premium, handcrafted, top quality furniture for you - our customers.